Monday, June 6, 2011

I look into his eyes behind the shadow of his shades

I feel the love of Jesus while I feel all of his pain

I hear without a word, the heart of God say it's okay

There's nothing there but love crossing all lines throughout the day

Love made her sing out so loud - love had made her see

THat the Jesus we were serving was the ONE who'd set us FREE

So we reached and touched the hem and as he opened up our eyes

He CUT through FEAR and CUT through HATE and CUT through ALL the LIES

He tore the veil and tore the bread - provided LIBERTY

He took the shame; he KILLED the fix of dark captivity

Now I am clean and He resides inside my sanctuary

Though brothers walk in silence I will SHOUT HIS NAME before me

I now can hear what you hear Lord - I see just what you see

We ALL can be your hands - your arms - It's not just ME it's WE

So send me to your people Lord - yes send me to the masses

Where you will go Lord, I will go - wearing your COOL LOVE GLASSES

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